About Golden Travel

makkahIn the month of Ramzan , 1670 A.D, at the time of Emperor Abul Muzaffar Muhammad Auranzaib Alamgir, while he was staying at Lahore on way to Augra, the family of the Chief Executive and the Directors embraced Islam and obtained the Islamic education from the then famous Islamic scholars and satins like Hazrat Mia Meer of Lahore. On recomandation of Hazarat Mia Meer, the Emperor granted the licence to the forefathers of the family to manage Hajj and Umrah Karwan, rendering them comfortable services while traveling from India to Makkah and back. The licence included the arrangement of passage through ship.

Camel Karawan and on foot as such the knowledge and experience of management related to Hajj and Umrah services was gained by the family and like wise generation to generation and from father to son at present the Chief Executive and the directors is the 5th Generation providing Hajj and Umrah services by applying centuries old experience for management and comfort. The forefathers for sea voyage hired the ships of East India Company at surat Sea Port. Secondly from Ghazi Ghat to KT Bandar Thata by boat through Indus River and from KT Bandar by Bad Bani Ships to Jeddah and Back via Aden.The Camel karwans with Complete Safety and sojourn at big places were managed efficiently by the forefathers . The arrangements for pilgrims going on foot were prodided complete safety while crossing Harat and central Asian Territories.